exhale VERB 1) breathe out. 2) give off (vapour or fumes).
DERIVATIVES exhalation noun.
ORIGIN Latin exhalare, from halare 'breathe' .

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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  • exhalé — exhalé, ée (è gza lé, lée) part. passé. 1°   Dégagé, émis. Les vapeurs exhalées par ce marais. •   Menez le blasphémateur hors du camp [pour le mettre à mort] ; il ne faut point qu on y respire le même air que lui, et son dernier soupir, exhalé… …   Dictionnaire de la Langue Française d'Émile Littré

  • Exhale — Ex*hale ([e^]ks*h[=a]l or [e^]gz*[=a]l ), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Exaled}, p. pr. & vb. n.. {Exaling}.] [L. exhalare; ex out + halare to breathe; cf.F. exhaler. Cf. {Inhale}.] 1. To breathe out. Hence: To emit, as vapor; to send out, as an odor; to… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Exhale — Ex*hale , v. i. To rise or be given off, as vapor; to pass off, or vanish. [1913 Webster] Their inspiration exhaled in elegies. Prescott. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • exhale — index emit Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • exhale — c.1400, from M.Fr. exhaler (14c.), from L. exhalare breathe out, evaporate, from ex out (see EX (Cf. ex )) + halare breathe. Related: Exhaled; exhaling …   Etymology dictionary

  • exhale — [v] breathe out breathe, discharge, eject, emanate, emit, evaporate, expel, give off, issue, let out, respire, steam, vaporize; concept 163 Ant. breathe in, inhale …   New thesaurus

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  • exhale — [eks hāl′, eks′hāl΄] vi. exhaled, exhaling [Fr exhaler < L exhalare < ex , out + halare, to breathe < IE base * an > Gr anemos, L animus] 1. to breathe out 2. to be given off or rise into the air as vapor; evaporate vt. 1. to breathe… …   English World dictionary

  • exhale — [[t]ekshe͟ɪl[/t]] exhales, exhaling, exhaled VERB When you exhale, you breathe out the air that is in your lungs. [FORMAL] Hold your breath for a moment and exhale... [V n] Wade exhaled a cloud of smoke and coughed. Syn: breathe out Ant …   English dictionary

  • exhale — UK [eksˈheɪl] / US verb [intransitive/transitive] Word forms exhale : present tense I/you/we/they exhale he/she/it exhales present participle exhaling past tense exhaled past participle exhaled to breathe air out through your mouth or nose… …   English dictionary

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